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South India River Water Issues/Disputes

06 mars 18

I'm from Central TN and live in Chennai, I'm yet to see any organized movement by any party to target non-tamil speaking population in the last 30odd years. TN also has Kannada, Urdu, Hindi, Saurashtra and Telugu speaking population, so it's not any less cosmopolitan than KA. I think I can see why you are unhappy with TN, it's because we don't speak hindi like you expect us to. The govt cannot control me from not learning a language- hindi or German or French, it is all same to me as it is useless for my day to day life in TN. Dakshin hindi Prichard Sabha has been operating out of Chennai for the last 40 years, did we go break/loot/arson them to not teach hindi? Hindi has been taught in schools, the govt has not stopped it. Don't let your other prejudice come in to this thuggery act by KA politicos. I'm just sad that all the goodwill generated by Bengaluru has been shattered by the politicos, they are just trying to kill the Golden goose for their short term benefits. I think thugs from both sides should select a neutral venue and fight it out and let the common man live in peace.
Now tell me what did KA did with the the so called agitators for wilful destruction of Tamil owned property??

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